Beat up vintage police car on the way to Bob Hope airport.

John getting tattooed last night in Vegas!

Une Demoiselle toute nue.

Self portrait ‘Old Man Stef’ for my Mum.

(Color Pencils).

And voila! on to get a frame for it.

Work in progress- evening 2.

Life drawing ce midi.

Maman a Los Feliz.

For one of Magnus’ friend’s birthday today.

Lunch time life drawing.


I went to draw this old garage around the corner at lunch time, and as I was drawing, the owner told me that this was the last day of its existence. It will be demolished next week, he said, to make space for a parking lot.
So I gave him the drawing as a souvenir.
It was also 2000 degrees in the sun so I skipped few details in the drawing.

Drawing with Magnus yesterday evening.

This evening sketch.

Fresh art supplies from Kinokuniya to play with today.